Get free access to a manual 9 box grid

Build your succession plan

Understand the likelihood and impact of your staff leaving, take action to retain them and proactively identify and develop replacements.

Identify and develop your talent

Identify and develop staff members with high potential who are capable of effectively filling future senior positions across your MAT.

Identify and manage performance

Uncover those staff members who are underperforming and give the right support to help them improve their behaviour and performance.

As you know, the best way to manage recruitment and retention is to make the most of those staff you already employ by ensuring they are in the right roles, have the right knowledge, skills and resources to do their job and are proactively being developed for the needs of future roles.

Getting these things right means that your staff are more likely to enjoy their job, have greater satisfaction and engagement and as a result, give higher discretionary effort.

But this is hard to do if you don't know which staff members to focus on and what kind of support they need. That's where the Talent Plan comes in!

Start by clearly identifying the performance and potential of all staff members and use this analysis to identify current and potential gaps, support attraction and recruitment decisions, manage performance, develop talent and all staff members. This will help to minimise the number of good staff leaving, fill future leadership positions with people identified and developed for the role and save substantial costs and management time.

You may already have a Trust process or programme and below is an example of a system you can use, adapt or take elements from.

If you would like access to a 9 box Talent Plan template, simply add your details below.

What's Included?

  • A grid to plot your staff using their performance and potential
  • A set of questions to help you decide which box each member of staff sits within
  • A set of behaviours to check staff have been allocated correctly
  • An outline of suggested actions you might take with staff members allocated to each of the boxes

If you do not already have a process then this is one you can adopt to support you - it will take time and you can start by reviewing key staff and positions and building from there. Add your details above to access the succession and talent planning template.