Transform how you manage your people strategy and workforce  planning.

How My People Strategy will help your trust

My People Strategy is an online succession planning, talent identification and development tool, delivering actionable insights that ensure your decisions are driven and supported by data.

  • 1. Measure & Track

  • 2. Take action

  • 3. Deliver Impact

Take Action

The deep insights provided, alongside where staff are located within your nine box grid make it easier to take the right action to meet individual and trust needs.

  • Provide the right professional development and at the appropriate time to better deliver the outcomes you need
  • Enable talented individuals to take additional responsibility, work together, receive mentoring and other support
  • Recognise strong performers without ambition and take steps to ensure they remain in your trust. 
  • Head-hunt internally and as a result quickly fill more of your vacancies

Build and develop your People Strategy, focusing on what is most important for your trust. 

You can see more in the video below.

Why should your trust choose My People Strategy?

The short video shares the key features and benefits of My People Strategy and how it effectively and efficiently measures and tracks your talent and succession and helps make sure you make the right decisions.

At The Two Counties Trust, My People Strategy has been a pivotal tool in elevating our talent management. With an intuitive interface, it enables us to effortlessly identify and nurture potential leaders, ensuring no gaps in succession. It’s more than a system; it’s our strategy for developing key roles and retaining top talent, aligning with our USP of investing in people. This platform has simplified the complex task of talent mapping and career development, making it manageable for our educators and leaders, and reinforcing our commitment to professional growth.”

Debbie Duggan FCIPD, Operational Resources Director, The Two Counties Trust

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