Identify, develop and retain key talent across your District.

Uncover more staff members with talent, those at greatest risk of leaving, the likely impact of them leaving, replacements and effectively plan succession across your district.

Trusted by HR & Operations Directors

Create and manage your succession plan

Identify staff at risk of leaving

Understand those at risk of leaving and the impact if they do, so you can take the right action to retain key people. 

Develop your talent

Uncover and develop staff members with high potential and who are capable of filling future senior positions.

Manage performance

Surface underperforming staff so support can be given to help them improve their behaviour and performance.

Recognise strong performers

Retain high performers, making sure those without ambition are recognised and valued with 'TLC '.

Better manage your human capital and build your district succession

After all, it is where you spend most of your funds!

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